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Sensevolution is the name we chose to indicate the products we PRODUCE by ourself or together with our partners in joint venture. We are also INTEGRATOR, working to produce complete systems required by the customers through powerfull partner as Mettler Toledo, Chromatotec and other companies that give us the possibility to create taylor made solutions

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sensevolUtion h2s



The SENSEVOLUTION H2S offers accurate measurements of H2S and SO2 concentration in the tail gas from a Claus process sulfur recovery plant. The instrument is based on a Ultra-Violet (UV) spectroscope that provides high wavelength resolution. The measurement technique relies on the Beer-Lambert law. This is a relationship that relates the absorption of electromagnetic waves energy to the properties of the material through which the waves are travelling. The material (tail gas) is introduced in a sample cell of specific optical path length. The UV energy is transmitted to the cell via an optical fiber cable, it passes through the gas space and the residual energy is transmitted to the UV sensor by a second optical fiber. 

sensevolution ovs



The SENSEVOLUTION OVS is a complete system specifically designed for the online validation of the ANALYZERS INSTALLED IN A FLUID PROCESSING PLANT. The validation is performed using a Reference Fluid certified by a Third Party. An integrated system of storage vessels, valves, actuators, pumps and sample conditioners allows to feed into the analysers either the process fluid or the reference sample to a certified desired temperature and pressure. The overall operation is controlled by an embedded computer that acts as a PLC and is also in charge of the maintenance and of providing a user friendly graphical interface. ...

sensevolution sAMPLING SYSTEMS


Sensevolution Sampling System

Standard test method for vapour pressure of petroleum products (Reid Method)

This method cover producers for the determination of vapour pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil and othe volatile petroleum products.

sensevolution mobi



BAGGI® propose reliable technique to optimize the fluid phase monitoring and interface level measurement for oil, water and emulsion. The product line is provided in the configuration for the specific application in compliance with fluid, process conditions, area classification, environmental conditions, the interface to be measured and its range to guarantee the scope of the measurement (scope of work).

SENSEVOLUTION® mobi product is optimized for water/oil/interface measurement and detection in oil and process water in several application to guarantee performance in storage tank, water analysis and save cost in during operation control and maintenance. It is the integration of reliable technology in solution designed to meet the customer/process requirement. A wide range of series through mechanical connections, enclosure, outputs and options are available as per the final configuration designed.


We put together what is necessary

BAGGI company through joint ventures, partnerships or in aggregations, has been able for more than 15 years to produce complete systems for the measurement and analysis of chemical-physical quantities working with measurement principles such as:

 GC gas chromatography  Thermal, TCD thermoconductivity  MOS metal oxide semicondutor  Photo Ionization Detection  Palladium Sensors  Resonance  EC electrochemical, Catalitic, Capacitive, Paramagnetic, Oxide Alluminium, ZrO2 Zirconia, Optical Open Path

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